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Are you facing similar questions:

  • Which strategy best fits my institution?
  • How do my employees cope with continuous change?
  • My staff is complaining about growing pressure. How can I provide support to them?
  • Which leadership method is appropriate?
  • How can I identify and solve conflicts?
  • What kind of support can I provide to my employees when they face problems with patients?
  • How can I integrate skilled personnel from abroad?

Together we can work out the best solutions for you and your institution. Contact me! Phone: +49(0)711/50490261, email: info@cornelia-walter.de.
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About me

Cornelia Walter, MBA
Human Resources & Organizational Development

born in Kathmandu, Nepal

  • 25 years in Health Care
  • 23 years as Trainer/Coach
  • 15 years International experience
  • 4 years Leadership experience
Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung | Cornelia Walter
  • Trained in Management and Education
  • Working fast, efficient, well-structured, reliable and versatile


  • Master in Business Administration (MBA) at University of Southern Queensland: Human Resources Management
  • Assignments in Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Kazakhstan and Great Britain
  • University Studies: training as teacher for Mathematics, Geography and English
  • Additional Qualifications: Mediator, Executive Coaching (University of Cambridge), Intercultural Management and Communication, Rhetorics, Moderation
Quality Assurance

I’m using only scientifically approved methods, theories and instruments. After every moderation, training or mediation I provide a record with pictures and additional information.