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More and more healthcare organizations are offering e-learning courses. Online training is particularly useful for part-time employees and people working shifts. Online training can also save time and money. Depending on the learning environment, students can exchange ideas in forums. However, e-learning can not deliver the same content as face-to-face seminars in digital form: didactic considerations and the provision of a suitable learning environment are prerequisites for the acceptance and successful application of e-learning offers.

My Services

  • Consultation of e-learning implementation
  • Moderation of project groups
  • Didactic implementation
  • Evaluation

E-learning in Healthcare

  • Knowledge transfer in compulsory courses, such as hygiene and fire protection
  • Create awareness for an error culture such as the Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS)
  • Change attitude: intercultural competence through best practices
  • Collegial case counseling in protected forums