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Team Mediation

Where team members work closely together, disagreements inevitably arise. Such conflicts often occur in areas with high levels of workload like hospitals or other healthcare facilities. Constructively solved problems improve cooperation while preventing future conflicts.

When is Team Mediation the right tool?
  • Pre-emptively, when teams are grouped together or new colleagues join the team
  • In conflicts on a hierarchical level
  • In conflicts between different hierarchical levels
  • In conflicts in the multiprofessional team
  • In conflicts in the intercultural team
Mediation between patients and staff

A hospital stay is not enjoyable for any patient and the staff is often confronted with an ever-increasing workload. This situation can often lead to inadequate care or other conflicts between staff and patients

Mediation in intercultural context

Different values and norms, a different understanding of health and disease as well as hidden xenophobia can quickly lead to conflicts. Whether dealing with international patients or an intercultural team – mediation encourages mutual understanding and enables a focus on the essentials. Mediation can also be held in English.

Your benefit
  • Saving Money: Studies show that mediation costs are about a third of the cost of other procedures.
  • Saving time: A legal proceeding can take up to two years where mediation is usually completed within 5-20 hours.
  • Damage limitation: A study shows that conflicts in the workplace can lead to a total economic loss of € 50 billion per year. Not only the duration of the unsettled conflict itself, but often the patient’s continued deteriorating health as well as the staff’s decreasing morale all lead to higher expenditures
  • Teams become more efficient: Mediation, and constructive, effective communication structures emerge, which leads to an increase in performance.
  • The employees identify more closely with the company.
  • The success rate for mediation procedures is 80 to 90 percent.
  • Team members increase their competencies in the field of communication and conflict resolution.
  • Mediation supports a valued organizational culture.
  • Patients report positively about the stay in your facility.