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Moderation und Consulting

Change processes are the most common reason to call in an independent and objective external consultant or moderator. Due to my many years of work in the healthcare industry, I am able to advise you competently and offer the right mix of group conferences, team development and individual counselling – all customized to match the specific nature of these changes as well as the employee reactions they generate.

Your benefits:
  • You get an objective view from the outside.
  • As an external consultant I perceive your organization as a whole.
  • You can set major changes in motion through identified levers.
  • I offer quick solutions to increase acceptance for further changes.
  • Each consultation comes with a detailed analysis and an evaluation report.

When do change processes take place in healthcare facilities?

  • Restructuring, reorganization
  • Fusions of organizations and sectors
  • Growth initiatives
  • Downsizing initiatives
  • New organizational objectives
  • Legal changes
  • Privatization of municipal facilities

Why is professional supervision useful in change processes?

  • Employees perceive changes as disruptive
  • The staff questions its job security
  • Employees are resisting planned changes
  • Staff performance decreases due to lack of problem-solving strategies
  • Professional supervision in the change process also includes a competent plan for the development of employees